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I recently bought a Gator Gripper from you.  I just wanted to thank you for making such a wonderful product.  I have severe fibromyalgia and it is very difficult to apply strength to anything with my hands - so it's been a blessing.  It's a wonderful product - beautifully made - even looks nice under the cabinet -- not like those awful plastic ones that are sold everywhere.

Thanks so much!

V. W.


I just love this jar opener!!!  I have bought several other jar openers, including an electric one, which just didnít help me open jars!  I have arthritis in the joints at the base of both thumbs, making opening jars one of the hardest daily things that I have to do!  And this jar opener that you made is just terrific!

Thanks Again,

K. B.
New York

Hi Stanley,

It's good to hear from you again.  My wife and I are really enjoying the Gator Gripper!  We both have some degree of carpal tunnel syndrome (or repetitive stress syndrome) from all the typing we do, and that thing is a real life saver at times!

Best regards,

G. P.


I got both of these in the mail yesterday and they are fine.  Your workmanship is excellent and I am sure I will be ordering more soon.


B. F.


I just wanted to tell you that we have installed the Gator Gripper under a counter and we love it.  We replaced a plastic one and this one is much better.  I have already recommended it to one friend.


O. S.

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